Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Pattern for fingerless gloves - size L (man)

Cast on 56 stiches (I used the long tail cast on) using a yarn that knits to 34 rounds / 10cm, 26 stitches / 10cm. I used Novita Nalle yarn and size 3mm dpn's (not the suggestion for the yarn but I wanted a firm warm knit) Do k2, p2 ribbing for 9 cm, then knit 2 plain stockinette rounds. Next round (3) start on dpn 1 as follows: co1, k2, co 1, knit till end of round (all four dpn's). Knit three plain rounds across all stitches. Try keeping all st (new and old) on dpn 1 to make things easier later) Round 7: co1, k4, co 1, knit till end of round. Knit 2 (note!) plain rounds.Round 10: co 1, k6, co1, knit untill end of round. Knit 3 plain rounds. Round 14: co1, k8, co1, knit till end of round. Knit 2 plain rounds. Round 17: co1, k10, co1, knit till end of round. Knit 3 plain rounds. Round 21: co1, k12, co1, knit till end of round. Knit two plain rounds.

Next round put the first 14 stitches of dpn 1 on stitch holder and cast on two (2) new stitches. Continue knitting in stockinette until piece measures 10 cm from the start of stockinette (end of ribbing).

Knit across to the last 7 stitches of dpn'n 2, knit these on another dpn (you need two sets of the same size dpn's here or a few stitch holder in which case you put the first 7 stitches on dpn 2 on holder and use that dpn). Knit the first 6 st of dpn 3, take another dpn (if need be put the stitches of dpn 4 onto a holder and use that needle), k1, co3, and knit one from needle 3 (the one that the last st of former dpn 2 is on) to form a triangle. Knit until finger measures 3cm from co, then cast off all st.

Now put all live st on needles again , start knitting on dpn 1 (far end from finished finger), knit across until you get to the new finger, pick up 3 st from edge, knit across to the end of round. Knit 3 more rounds across all st.

Now knit 14 st onto dpn 1. Knit7 st on dpn, take another dpn, knit 7 stitches, take a new dpn, k 3, co 2 and k1 from needle 2 (from beginning of round, again forming a triangle. Knit until finger measures 4,5cm (on the side of the little finger). Cast off.

Now start at the root of the second new finger and pick up 2 st, knit 5 st from dpn 4 (on which you have 14 st before you start), take another dpn, k2, co3 now divide the 14 st on dpn 1 on two needles and further knit 2 off the new dpn 2 (onto the dpn on which you just cast on 3) . Take new dpn and knit acorss. Knit until finger is 4,5cm, cast off all st.

Take the remaining st and knit starting with dpn 1. Knit5, take another dpn, k2, pick up 4, k1 and take another dpn. Knit till end of round. Knit until finger measure 4,5cm then cast off.

Now pick up (using a crocet hook and the yarn from inside to glove (the way the hand will go later)) 14 st about 1,5cm belove the start of the little finger. Cut the yarn leaving a tail long enough so that you can tighten the st from the outside if need be. Now start knitting in the middle of those st. K7, take new dpn, co 7, take new dpn, co 7 and take new dpn. Now knit the first 7 st you previously picke up. Continue knittin in the round so that the 14 st on the back of your hand (which you picked up) is knit in stockinette, and the 14 st that you cast on at the palm of your hand are knit in ribbing as follows: p2 k2, p2, k2, p2, k2, p2. Knit thusly for 7 rounds. After that continue in stockinette across all st. When piece measures 7,5cm from co start decreasing as follows (you should start in the middle of the back of your hand) k2tog, k5 ... repeat till the end of round (thusly decreasing 8 st). Knit 5 plain rounds. Following round: k2tog, k4... repeat till end of round. Knit 4 plain rounds. Next round: k2tog, k3 ... repeat until end of round. Knit 3 plain rounds. Next round k2tog, k2... repeat until end of round. Note - now do NOT knit any more plain rounds but instead continue decreasing: k2tog, k1... repeat until end of round. Next round: k2tog all the way across, you now have 8 st remaining. Pull yarn through all 8 st and tighten.

Now the thumb. Put live st on needles, 7 on each (2dpn's). Knit 6st from dpn2 (from the middle that is), take new dpn, k1, pick up 5 st and k1 from dpn 1. Take new dpn and start knittin across with 7 st on each of the 3 dpn's. Knit until thumb measures 2,5cm from pick up of the 5 st. Now cast off all of the 7 st on dpn 2 (the one that holds the same st you co earlier) and knit across casting on 7 new st next time you reach the co stitches. Knit until thumb measures 5,5 cm from co. Start decreasing. k2tog, k2 across to last st, k1 Next round k2tog, k1 five times and k last st. Next round k2tog five times, k1. You now have 6 st remaining. K2tog three more times and then pull yarn trough the last 3 st, tighten. Weave in ends and you have one finished glove :)

Knit the second glove as a mirror image of the first one.

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