Monday, April 19, 2010

Knee socks, foot 39, shin circumference 39cm

Use your preferred method of casting on for starting a toe up sock. Cast on for a total of 52 stitches (ie if you use the short row toe method cast on 26 stitches) I used a provisional cast on and did a short row toe leaving 8 stitches in the middle. If you don't know how to do a short row toe with a provisional cast on, see how Wendy Johnson did it.

Keep knitting in the round until foot measures 19cm from the tip of the toe. Make one stitch before the first stitch on TOP of the foot and one stitch after the last stitch. Repeat at 20cm.

When foot measures 21,5cm do a short row heel. Again see above instructions by Wendy if you are not familiar with this heel. After the heel I often pick up one in between the heel and the foot to make sure no hole is formed. Later I knit two together to loose that stitch, but this time I left it where it was. Now continue knitting for about 7cm (from where the heel ends). You should now be about where the shin start widening again.

From now on the beginning and end of round is at the back of the shin. Now make 1 (alternating between right and left needle) one, work that row to the end and three more even. Repeat 4 more times (a total of 5 stitches made ending with three even rows). Work should now measure about 15,5cm from end of heel (where the short rows end). If your gauge is different adjust accordingly.

Next make 1 in the beginning of the row as wells as in the end (=m2). I prefer to make one stitch on the previous row to get them in the same line but that does not matter in the end). Work two rows even. Repeat this (make 2, work three rows even) 10 more times.

Now make 2, work three rows even. Repeat 6 more times. Then make 2, work four rows even and repeat this for a total of 8 times. Now stop increasing and work even for 24 rows.

K1,P1 for 6,5cm and bind off loosely. With this rib I used a tubular bind off. If you are not familiar with this see how Savannahchick did it :)

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